Insight and action platform

SYNOPTICOM 360 Insight and action platform is a system of processes and software for centralizing feedback and market research data initiatives for collection, insights, distribution and action throughout your organization. It enables you to fully engage with people through targeted feedback programs or by asking questions during naturally occurring interactions. Through EFM, you can deliver insights to guide planning and improve processes. EFM can help organization to establish a dialogue with employees, partners and customers regarding key issues and concerns, and potentially make customer specific real time interventions. Further more Synopticom 360 visualizes data from key performance applications for total Customer Experience Management via integration or data uploads. As well as marketing performance dashboards from single product or channel performance to holistic category or company view.

Sophisticated Exit poll implementation module and Meeting industry stakeholder feedback and performance data collection solutions proves our flexibility to implement non standard projects and to meet various needs in the industry.