Reporting Layers:

1 level – General integrated dashboards -> Everything you need from agregated data from multichanel widgets to correlation matrix. Implemented by support team.

2 level – My Reports – self generated cross tab analytic tool, with real time updates.

3 level –  Standard detailed reporting. Generated automatically after survey initiative with customisation and text analytics

Features & Functionalities:

-Multiple data channels via Synopticom platform or Uploads

(different research projects, performance data and others);

– Filtering (including hierarchical):

– Predefined Cross tabs;

– Dashboards; KPI;

– Self-generated analytics (crosstabs);

– Annotation (Role txt exchange on indicators);

– Semi-automatic complex open end answers coding tool;

– Benchmarking (progress target track) and significance highlights;

-Data weighting;
-Significance and correlation;
-Word clouding;

– Customizable designs;

– Multilingual options;

– More than 40 types of interactive charts (including advanced: heat maps, spider and other gadgets);

– Access rights’ management (what certain user can see);

– Session management;

– Alerting (email notifications);

– Export of data to excel;

– Export of charts to PPT;

– Other important tech. features: dedicated server for the project, data backups (1 day at

latest), secured environment;

– Reporting, charts or data could be integrated to customer applications as CRM, INTRANET and others,

through secured connection (as widgets or transferred as data).