As we help to collect insights for Customer Experience Management we care a lot about the experience of our customer too while working with our solution. We don’t believe in SAAS dedicated to MR and Enterprise Feedback as one truth and thus we provide practical and affordable customization, support and outsourced operational services, which in most products are a part of the user license (set up) and support (maintenance) fees. Our team cares about your initiative with high responsiveness and proactivity. Additionally with professional MR, Statistical and management competencies our team can sustain your initiatives for analytical methodologies, data utilization, and decision making levels.

Services for long term programs or complex initiatives implementing VoC, VoE and MR programs with Synopticom 360°Insight and action platform

  • Designing and management: support to define implementation processes and planning, indicator modeling, user journey, solutions for indicator visualization and placing in portal;
  • Project customization: support for survey programing, building reporting portal, managing access rights and alerts etc.
  • System integration and development: building integration with CRM, intranet or ERP applications, developing additional specific features on the platform.
  • Maintenance: technical assistance, availability, errors handling, upgrades etc.
  • Outsourced operations: continuous dedicated resources while implementing such operations as survey and contacts management, external data uploads re-customization and others.
  • Training: live or distanced training for various levels of users. User manuals.

We care about your program and are always ready to engage to redesign your program, to assist for maximizing the impact of reports, sharing best practices and providing advice for optimization.

Services for Synopticom 360°Insight and action platform are provided under special agreement.

Services for ADHOC initiatives implemented with Synopticom online survey tool:

  • Survey programming: Scripting of survey in Synopticoms own SynoTool
  • Report set up: Preparation of basic or advanced reports based on data collected through SynoTool
  • Survey execution with contact management or other: Administration of send out of SynoTool scripted survey to contact list or other register
  • Survey execution in the CINT OpinionHub platform for panels: Administration of project set up for a SynoTool scripted survey in the Cint OpinionHub platform through either Cint Access or Cint Link (direct API connection)

Services are ordered by order and agreement through email. Services are paid for before delivery by credit card through the online payment system in the SynoTool page or invoiced before or after the service is provided for bank transfer if agreed.