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CX platform

Technology and service

SYNOPTICOM CX platform is flexible and scalable technology for single or multi channel data analytics and insights: customer feedback, market research, marketing customer behavior and business performance. SMALL to BIG data aggregated and insights delivered in our powerful yet visually appealing and easy to use reporting formats.

Synopticom services is based on flexibility, customization and creativeness. No set up silos and quick flat fee support allows clients to focus on insight based actions.

cx platform

Reporting and analytics

  • Standartd KPI's

  • Complex Index formulas

  • Data weighting

  • Correlation

  • Significance

  • Data weighting

  • Multichannel integration dashboards (different research projects, sales, performance data and others)

  • Power filtering

  • Instant crosstabs

  • Self generated cross tab analytics

  • Indicator sharing

  • Case management: conversation, outcomes, statistics

  • Annotation (Role txt exchange on indicators)

  • Semi-automatic complex open end answers coding tool

  • Automated text analytics

  • Benchmarking (progress target track) and significance highlights

  • Customizable designs

  • Multilingual options

  • More than 40 types of interactive charts (including advanced: heat maps, spider and other gadgets)

  • Access rights’ management (what certain user can see)

  • Session management

  • Alerting (email notifications)

  • Push reports (email summary or link)

  • Export of data to excel, CSV, SPSS

  • Export of charts to PPT

  • Other important tech. features: dedicated server for the project, data backups (1 day at latest), secured environment

synopticom reporting

Data collection


  • Multiple integrated channels for direct feedback

  • Internet (CAWI): PC, mobile, web

  • Telephone (CATI)

  • Direct interview or DIY (CAPI) online/offline

  • Manual Data Base (DB)

  • Automated DB

  • SMS

  • Mobile APP

  • Excel

  • CSV

  • SPSS

  • Social Media

Data integration

  • Reporting, charts or data integration with customer applications as CRM, INTRANET, ERP and others  through secured connection (as widgets or transferred as data)

  • Survey data integration with Sales, Business Performance and Marketing data.

  • Real Time Data Integrations (RTDI) and other data exchange between client and Synopticom by various methods: FTP (Excel/CSV), DB, Web service

  • Descriptive, Behavioral, Interaction data combined with Survey Data (attitudinal)

Data processing

  • ETL - Data transform and load to Synopticom DB for reporting from various sources

  • Automated Data integrity checks

  • Automated complex KPI's

  • Scores calculations

  • ROLAP cubes generation

  • Descriptive, Behavioral, Interaction data combined with Survey Data (attitudinal)

360 view

Access management and Security

data security

  • Custom reports by account, user role

  • User actions logs for security

  • Complex passwords policy

  • Secure Access

  • Vertical and Horizontal Reporting User account restrictions in project/report/filter/functionality level

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