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Net Promoter Score


Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, measures loyalty through customer experience and predicts business growth. It is the most widely used indicator and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round.

It is easy to benchmark metric that you can use to compare yourself against your peers - or even internally against other products or geographies.

NPS asks customers how likely it is that they would recommend the company or product using a 0-10 scale. Then it categorizes the responses into promoters (lovers), passives (indifferent), and detractors (haters).

NPS is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors. The higher the number, the healthier your company or product is.

Complement NPS with other metrics and insights from various points along the customer journey.

CX Index General experience aspects

Customer Experience consists of journeys, touchpoints and interaction spaces so every interaction with an organization involves multiple aspects or sub processes. Asking only one attitudinal type (NPS) of question limits the view of an experience; instead, rated experience aspects or measures multiple components of an interaction – General Experience Questions (or General Question Index. A general question index can be created for an organization or specific channel of an organization. This index will contain multiple questions which each address an element of the interaction pertaining to the interests of the organization or service channel.

General question indexes can be customized through weighting, allowing to rank aspects in priority matrix (correlation).

cx index


The American Customer Satisfaction Index is (ACSI) cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. The Index measures the satisfaction of household consumers with the quality of products and services offered by both foreign and domestic firms with significant share in U.S. markets. It’s the most complex and probably most reliable from all metrics.

The most advantage is when applied for State Institutions, State Enterprises and Monopolies.

The main - Customer Satisfaction (ACSI) index consists of 3 questions. The other indexes are Customer Expectations, Perceived Quality, Perceived Value, Customer Complaints, Customer Loyalty. Full model consist of 17 questions.


Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Customer Satisfaction is one question and simple way to measure rational understanding how customer is satisfied with product or service.

Satisfied customers purchase more, and more frequently. Through tracking customer satisfaction, this classic metric makes it possible to measure and improve how happy customers are and increase their likelihood and frequency of purchasing as a result. As it is very limited in measuring outcomes it is often used in composite index as as one of the indicators and validator of NPS.


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